Travel Specialists

Russ Dunlap

Russ is President of Platinum Travel, and enjoys putting together marketing plans and working on this very website.

Emily Baldwin

Emily is a Luxury Travel Advisor as well as Vice-President at Platinum Travel. She brings a world of experience and a vast array of knowledge to the Platinum Travel staff.

Christine Bolus

Christine has been with Platinum Travel specializing in luxury adventure travel and romantic escapes for over 15 years, and has been a travel consultant for nearly 25 years.

Willo Falk

Willo is a seasoned professional travel advisor with 29 years of experience. She designs her clients’ trips with a high level of detail, as if she were taking the trip herself!

Glenda Carey

Glenda originally from Newfoundland, Canada is a veteran in the travel industry with over 15 years experience as a Travel Advisor.

Debbie Lay

Debbie is the one to go to for the ins and outs of corporate travel. She has the contacts and knowledge and experience to get all her clients from one place to another.

Hayley Smith

By degree, Hayley is a graphic designer, but her heart is in travel! Hayley joined the Platinum Travel team as a Group Travel Advisor.

Lisa Lewis

Lisa Lewis joined Platinum Travel in April, 2014, with a background of “dual” careers in business and music.

Candace Dupps

As a double major in Communication and German Studies, it is obvious that Candace enjoys people and is extremely interested in foreign cultures.

Sarah Bolus

Having had a few exciting life experiences under my belt, I wish to spread the “travel bug” as I like to call it. Helping people break free of the monotony of every day life and sending them on a rejuvenating get away would be the highlight of my life.